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Cat Café MOFF Grand Opened on Sep 2023

09/21/2023 | News

MOFF’s first Cat Cafe in the US

We are proud to have opened the first café of MOFF group in the United States. Situated in the heart of Honolulu, Cat Café MOFF graces the vibrant International Market Place, bringing a unique cat-centric experience to Hawaii. We beam with pride as we’ve opened the inaugural café of the MOFF group on US soil, extending our passion for feline friends to American shores.

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Dive into the Cat World!

At Cat Café MOFF, our team comprises professional caregivers, deeply rooted in their understanding of feline behavior, ensuring that our beloved cats are well taken care of. As you step into our expansive café, a world of whiskers awaits you. With around 20 distinct cats from various breeds, every visit promises a different experience. The café becomes a live stage where you can witness firsthand the unique antics, quirks, and expressions of each cat, showcasing their individual personalities. 

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Our café isn’t just about cats; it’s about community. Whether you’re an ardent animal enthusiast, someone longing for pet companionship but unable to commit, or a seasoned cat owner seeking camaraderie with fellow feline aficionados, Cat Café MOFF welcomes you with open arms. And while you’re immersing yourself in Hawaiian culture, our café introduces you to some cat breeds that may be new to your eyes. Staying true to our location, all our cats proudly bear Hawaiian names, offering a touch of local charm that resonates with both residents and visitors alike. As you unwind in our pristine and serene ambiance, grab a refreshing drink and create memorable moments bonding with our feline family.