How to Enjoy
Cat Café MOFF

“Cat Café MOFF” is a café where you can enjoy a relaxing time with adorable cats while sipping drinks. You can enjoy petting and feeding cats and play in our cat lounge. Let’s escape from your daily routine and explore in a high-quality moment spent with cats and kitties.

How to Enjoy with Cats?


No reservations are required – simply walk in!

Upon your arrival, we will guide you through our cat cafe’s procedures and the disclaimer. Before purchasing your ticket, you need to sign the waiver form. You can then choose to purchase either a 30-minute or a 60-minute ticket in advance.

Ticket Prices

30min Ticket (Including 1 Drink) : $23.00
60min Ticket (Including 1 Drink) : $28.00

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Pick Up a Drink

Since a ticket includes one drink, just pick it up from the drink section. If you need to purchase more drinks and snacks, ask our staff to purchase them.

To Extend Stay

If you want to stay beyond the end time indicated on your ticket, please ask our staff for extension tickets.

How to Interact with Cats

  • Touch cats from their head to their back.
  • Offer them treats to get friendly with them.
  • The way to interact with the cats may vary depending on the color of their collars. See the cats list.

Important Notes

Before interacting with cats, always make sure to read and understand the provided instructions on how to interact with them.

Please do not distress the cats such as shouting, chasing, forcibly touching, hitting, and so on.

Be careful when feeding cats to avoid the risk of getting bitten. Always use a spoon to offer them treats.

Cat Image Feeding

Bottled and Canned Drinks

In the cafe, we offer a variety of canned and bottled sodas, teas, coffees, and water.

You can pick up your preferred one when entering our cat lounge.

Cat Foods

You can get cat treats to feed out cats in the cat lounge. To get it, please ask our staff.

  • Cats Snack: $3.00
  • Cat Jelly: $5.00

Attention: When feeding, use a spoon we provide.

International Market Place, Honolulu, HI

International Market Place (IMP)

When opening a cat cafe in International Market Place, Honolulu, HI, we aim to create a place where anyone can drop by easily.

We believe that people who originally love animals may have pets at home or frequently visit places like zoos. However, we want to provide opportunities to interact with animals not only to them but also to people who have had less contact with animals or cannot keep pets due to their circumstances.

Let’s visit us with your other activities such as shopping or watching a movie.


“The cats are affectionate and playful with people. The owner/staff took care to socialize them so they are not stressed out and can interact with humans. The cafe is clean, bright, and has a nice layout. The staff is very friendly and educated about each cat (which shows they care). I visited twice during my visit and will be back to check on my new favorite kitties when I’m in town!.”

From Google Map Review

Cat Café MOFF is a wonderful place where you can come and visit, pet, play with, and cuddle a wide variety of cats. The cats are happy and very well taken care of with a wide variety of items to entertain them. Stop in and get away from the stress of everyday life and enjoy the peaceful retreat provided by Cat Café MOFF. Give Cat Café MOFF a try, you will not be disappointed!

From Google Map Review

Workers were great. I adored them! I recommend not going before feeding time. All the cats were distracted because they wanted to eat really bad. Maybe try asking the workers if they’ve been fed already or what time feeding time is? Love that they give drinks included with your ticket.

From Yelp Review