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Ground Opening at Pearlridge Center on April 19th 2024

04/18/2024 | News

Cat Café MOFF Opens a new location at Pearlridge Center in Aiea, Hawaii near Pearl Harbor.

Opening a New Cat Café at Pearlridge Center

Cat Cafe MOFF Pearlridge Center Interior

Cat lovers in Pearlridge are in for a treat! Following its roaring success at the International Market Place in Waikiki, Cat Café MOFF is gearing up to open a brand new location on April 19, 2024, at Pearlridge Center. The café has quickly become a sanctuary for those seeking the soothing presence of cats, embodying its mission to foster a harmonious coexistence between animals and humans.

The new Pearlridge café will be located on the first floor of the TJ Maxx wing, Mauka side. Just like its sister location in Waikiki, this new spot will offer a bright, clean, and cozy environment where visitors can relax alongside about 16 different breeds of cats.

Enjoy with Furry Friends

Cat and Human

MOFF understands that not everyone can keep pets at home due to housing issues or allergies, so they’ve chosen locations that are both safe and easily accessible. This thoughtful placement ensures that everyone, from avid cat enthusiasts to families with children, can enjoy some quality time with these furry friends.

Adding to the charm, the café hosts a daily Kaukau Time at noon and 5:00 PM, where guests can watch the delightful scene of cats enjoying their meals. This event isn’t just cute; it’s also educational. The café’s professional caretakers are on hand to share interesting facts about the cats’ breeds and behaviors, offering a learning experience for those considering pet ownership.

Cat and Human

Appreciate Local Supports

The decision to expand into Pearlridge was influenced by the strong local support at the IMP Café. Initially intended as a pop-up, the overwhelming patronage led to its continued operation and expansion. “We were pleasantly surprised to have such an unexpected influx of locals at our IMP Café,” remarked Sohei Yaguchi, President of MOFF. He continued, “It was our local customers who inspired us to open another location at Pearlridge, allowing us to better serve our community.”