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Cat Café MOFF has various breeds in our cat lounge. You can interact with them escaping from your routine and explore new experiences you can not get in your daily life. Let’s find your favorite cats and communicate with them.

Why Shopping Center?

While we believe that animal lovers often visit zoos, we want to provide a space for people who may not regularly interact with animals, to casually stop by and interact with them at shopping centers. By offering the opportunity to learn about and grow fond of animals at our facility, we hope to deepen people’s understanding of animals.

Humans are the animals with the most influence on the Earth’s environment. Amid various global environmental issues, there are species of animals that are increasing in endangered status or even becoming extinct. Additionally, in modern society, the primal experience of interacting with animals is scarce, and at the same time, news of animal abuse is unceasing. We believe that interaction with animals should not be lost when considering the welfare of the animals and the environment in which they live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cats are there in Cat Café MOFF?

There are approximately 20 cats.

Where did cats from?

The cats came from Japan. They have been vaccinated.

How do you ensure the cats' health and prevent them from experiencing stress?

As a fundamental approach, we maintain a stance that humans are visitors in the cats’ space. We explain how to interact with the cats in a way that does not hinder their behavior or cause them stress. We have replicated the housing and management facilities in Japan that meet international standards and implemented appropriate animal welfare practices.

What about toxoplasmosis?

Regarding toxoplasmosis, the staff performs regular cleaning and disinfection to prevent infection routes related to cat feces. You can enjoy the facility without any concerns.

Is it okay for the cats to be indoors all the time? Doesn't indoor confinement seem unappealing to them?

We provide a comfortable environment for the animals by adjusting the room temperature. At our facility, we strictly adhere to a method of caring for and managing the animals that takes into account animal welfare and enrichment.

Do the cats spend their entire lives in the store?

Yes, we plan for the cats to live their entire lives in the store under lifelong care.

※However, depending on their health condition, there may be occasions when interactions with customers are suspended.

Do you sell or adopt out the cats?

Currently, we do not engage in selling or adopting out cats.

What do you do if a cat gets sick?

Sick cats will be examined, treated, and medicated at a veterinary hospital in Hawaii.

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  • Breed: Ragdoll
Gender: Male
DOB: 01/18/2023
Color: Seal Point Mitted
Meaning: Quiet, Tranquility
Ao_Russian Blue_Male


  • Breed: Russian Blue
Gender: Male
DOB: 01/25/2023
Color: Blue
Meaning: Sunlight, Dawn


  • Breed: Minuet
Gender: Male
DOB: 01/20/2023
Color: Silver Tabby
Meaning: Hill, Montain Peak
Lino_Maine Coon_Female


  • Breed: Maine Coon
Gender: Female
DOB: 01/08/2023
Collor: Brown Tabby White
Meaning: Blight, Shining


  • Breed: Ragamuffin
Gender: Female
DOB: 01/31/2023
Color: Red Tabby White
Meaning: Ripples


  • Breed: Siberian
Gender: Female
DOB: 02/01/2023
Color: Cream Tabby White
Meaning: Angel